fried baby blackday

by otto rank

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In honor of the new regime of the USA, a new music genre is hereby introduced: Trunk.

Trunk combines elements of hip hop and punk music, specifically the shuffling, sometimes off-kilter drums (in the case of Trunk, these off-kilter rhythms are pushed to the brink of collapse) and chopped up vocal samples common in hip hop with the abrasive noise of early punk and no wave. Trunk also captures the defiant attitude of both genres.

Why Trunk? To begin with the obvious, Trump + Punk = Trunk.

Furthermore, "trunk music" is a seldom-used slang term for the act of dumping a dead body in the trunk of a car. This imagery is emblematic of the current state of America in more ways than can possibly be catalogued in this space.

"Trunk music" has also been used as a casual label for underground hip hop music, and at times describes those hip hop artists who got their start selling records out of the trunk of their car.

Trunk artists only dream of one day achieving enough success to be able to make sales from the trunks of their cars, or to own a car for that matter.

And if your body has a trunk, it is hoped that Trunk will find it and move it to exactly where it needs to go.

In the name of Madlib, Genesis P-Orridge, J Dilla, Steve Albini and of course Bob Newhart, we hope you enjoy.


released November 25, 2016




sentipentsaris Spokane, Washington

Sentipentsaris is an always-evolving studio and open collective based in Spokane, WA.
The sounds contained here are the product of collaborations among the many brilliant and creative misfits of the area. We are amorphous, non-critical, and highly absorbent. Projects evolve and develop based on the input and impulses of those present. Enjoy us, and/or join us. With love, SP. ... more

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